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My name is Emma Koza. I live in Toronto and work full-time as software engineer at Uberflip and part-time as a mentor at HackerYou (where I learned how to code in 2016).

As a Jr. engineer I blog about my learnings & discoveries.

Outside of work I’m contributing to Quarters - an app I’m building with a friend that combines my love of learning/JavaScript with my love of indie bands. Sometimes I also play around on Codepen.

When my laptop is closed I like traveling, going to concerts, reading and spending time with my friends and family.

If you want to get in touch, find me on one of the various places I exist on the internet or send an email to emma.koza[at]

  • Reading for fun: 15 Dogs

  • Reading for development: Secrets of The Javascript Ninja

  • On repeat: Roy Pablo

  • Projects I'm proud of:

    • Asset Submission Form An internal project I built with my team using Node.js. It creates a Google Drive folder with submitted assets & requirements and sends a SlackBot notification upon submission success.
    • Budgey A personal finance & budget tracking app. Built with React.js, MongoDB, Node.js & Express, my first full-stack application(!!)